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Accueil » Toutes les news » Sets de couverts des Baskerville à vendre
Alexis Barquin
Sets de couverts des Baskerville à vendre
Piece set from the Baskerville to sell
Mai 29, 2008

Le 27 juin, à la salle des ventes de Stratford upon Avon en Grande-Bretagne, sera mis aux enchères un set de 42 couverts ayant appartenu à la famille Baskerville depuis 1780. Le blason de la famille est clairement visible sur chaque pièce.

A mystery even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle may have had a problem solving

Why has something spent the last 63 years lurking at the back of a wardrobe and hidden away from the light of day all these years?

The answer is that it never wanted to be discovered until Martin Heath, a friend of the current owner's family, was asked to evaluate the contents of the house, following the death of owner's husband.

The pieces in question are a treasure-trove of 42 pieces of family silver dating from the 1780's owned by the Baskerville Family. The crest of the hound with a broken spear through its jaw and five drips of blood falling to the ground from the tip is on every piece of the dinner service. This interpretation of the crest in the earliest recorded from the family.

Every piece of the silver originates from Clyro Court in Radnorshire and bought by the present owner in 1945 when the estate was sold for death duties.

The setting for the "Hound of the Baskervilles". The book, one of the most famous detective intrigues of all time. The "Sherlock Holmes" novel was written in the Court and the silver used at fine banquets that Conan Doyle would have attended during his numerous visits to the house in the late 19th and early 20th century. The book was released in 1901, the time when the family was at its height at the Court. The Baskerville family descendants can trace their history back to the Norman Conquest.

The hound, "Black Vaughan", as local legend has it, roamed the moors of Hergest Ridge overlooking the Court and was the inspiration of the book. The family asked Conan Doyle to change the setting to avoid too many keen fans locating the Court and adding to its intrigue.

Conan Doyle enthusiasts have expressed great interest in this find and are expected to be bidding from all over the world at the sale.

The pieces of Silver come up for auction, as one lot, here at Bigwood Fine Art Auctioneers of Stratford Upon Avon on the 27th June this year. For more information email.


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