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Accueil » Toutes les news » Exposition "Study in Sherlock" à Portsmouth
Thierry Saint-Joanis
Exposition "Study in Sherlock" à Portsmouth
"Study in Sherlock" in Portsmouth
Juin 20, 2007

Le 22 juin, l'exposition "Study in Sherlock" sera inaugurée à Portsmouth. Il s'agit d'une nouvelle présentation du fonds de documents offert à la ville par le regretté Richard Lancelyn Green. De nombreuses activités holmésiennes sont au programme...

A Study in Sherlock

Uncovering the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection
City Museum and Art Gallery
Opens Friday 22nd June
Monday – Sunday 10am – 5.30pm
Admission FREE

Following the phenomenally successful and hugely popular introductory Exhibition in summer 2006, work is underway for the challenging task of creating a fully interactive permanent exhibition of material from this international Collection. This permanent exhibition will open this summer at Portsmouth City Museum in a newly refurbished gallery of its own.

‘The Case of the Portsmouth Doctor,’ the introductory exhibition, helped raise the profile of Conan Doyle and his links with Portsmouth within the city as well as much further afield. It also showcased some of the fantastic items from the collection including unique photographs, production posters and letters from the influential and the famous of Victorian and Edwardian society.

The new ‘Study in Sherlock’ will go further into the minds of Arthur Conan Doyle and the collector of this great range of Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle material, the late Richard Lancelyn Green. It will feature a range of interactive displays, a ‘new’ Sherlock Holmes mystery, and is narrated by Stephen Fry, the Patron of the Collection. Come and experience the world of Sherlock Holmes and fine-tune your own powers of detection!

The Exhibition is based around a series of elements including:

    * Arthur Conan Doyle's biography in the context of Victorian and Edwardian England
    * Conan Doyle's relationship with Portsmouth
    * the emergence and development of Sherlock Holmes
    * the Sherlock Holmes 'industry'

Featuring a range of interactive displays and a 'new' Sherlock Holmes mystery, the Exhibition is narrated by Stephen Fry, Patron of the collection. Visitors will be able to experience the world of Sherlock Holmes and fine-tune their own powers of detection.

The Exhibition includes:

    * a narration by actor Stephen Fry, Patron of the Collection
    * interactive readings of selected works of Arthur Conan Doyle
    * virtual display panels containing a range of material related to the Collection, Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle and Richard Lancelyn Green
    * a new Sherlock Holmes mystery 'The Case of the Portsmouth Doctor' written and performed specially for the exhibition
    * a range of interactive activities for younger visitors including clue trails and the chance for them to create their own detective stories

Housed in a newly refurbished and specially designed gallery, the Exhibition is open from Friday 22nd June 2007 at Portsmouth City Museum and Records Office, from 10am - 5.30pm, Monday to Sunday, admission is free.

The extraordinary collection - including a tantalising glimpse of how the fictional sleuth was named - was donated to Portsmouth by the writer and collector Richard Lancelyn Green's family following his death in 2004. A leading Sherlock Holmes specialist and Arthur Conan Doyle scholar, Richard Lancelyn Green's collection spans over 40,000 items, archives and artefacts relating to Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes, collected over 40 years.

Dr Neil McCaw from the University of Winchester who is Academic Director of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, Richard Lancelyn Green bequest, said: "The Exhibition will establish Portsmouth as the home of the Collection and a key centre for Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes studies in the UK and internationally."

Documents to download:

Lancelyn Green Bequest Newsletter No 1 Summer 2005

Lancelyn Green Bequest Newsletter No 2, Autumn 2005

Lancelyn Green Bequest Newsletter No 3, Summer 2006

Lancelyn Green Bequest Newsletter No. 4, Spring/Summer 2007

Leading Biographer Andrew Lycett, whose new book on Conan Doyle will be released in 2007, will give a talk on Conan Doyle and Kipling on Wednesday 27th June at 7.30 pm at Portsmouth Grammar School.

Andrew Lycett

Conan Doyle & Kipling - From Bush Villas to the House of Desolation Memorial Library, Portsmouth Grammar School, 7.30pm
One of the country’s leading biographers and former journalist, Andrew Lycett has written a number of books on authors ranging from Rudyard Kipling and Dylan Thomas to Ian Fleming. 2007 sees the release of his new biography charting the life of Arthur Conan Doyle. This evening he presents an enlightening talk exploring the Portsmouth infl uences on the goal-keeper Physician and the resentful foster-child who became two of our greatest writers.
Tickets £8

Further details on

The book: Conan Doyle, The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes by Andrew Lycett

Sherlock Holmes might have been the epitome of cool reason - 'a calculating machine' in the words of his friend Dr John H. Watson - but the real life of his creator was very different. A man of deep emotion, complex motivation and prodigious energy, Arthur Conan Doyle ended his life an ardent spiritualist, happy to promote the famous 'Cottingley Fairies' photographs, which are now known to have been faked. Having rejected his Irish family's Catholicism, he could not, for all his scientific training as a doctor, dismiss his gut feeling that there was another dimension to existence. Well before he adopted spiritualism as a religion during the First World War, he dabbled in all aspects of the paranormal, holding seances while a GP in Portsmouth.
With his sure understanding of the historical background, Andrew Lycett sets this unfolding story against the intellectual currents of the age, as well as unravelling his subject's internal life. Plagued by an alcoholic father and stirred on by a domineering mother, Conan Doyle fell into a placid marriage which was rudely interrupted when he fell passionately in love with another woman, just as his first wife contracted the tuberculosis that would kill her.
Conan Doyle dealt with these traumatic events by throwing himself even more into his work, taking up various causes (such as the injustice meted out on the solicitor George Edalji - the subject of Julian Barnes's best-selling novel ARTHUR & GEORGE) and immersing himself in a wide range of other activities, including politics, clubland, and sports. His literary output was not confined to the creation of fiction's most famous detective; Lycett sheds new light on Conan Doyle's horror and occult stories, historical romances, factual histories, and spiritualist tracts.
With access to fascinating new material, Lycett gives the most comprehensive, psychologically satisfying and delightfully readable portrait yet of the man who created Sherlock Holmes.

416 pages
234 x 156 mm
ISBN-10: 0297848526
ISBN-13: 9780297848523
Publication: August 2007


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