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Accueil » Toutes les news » Rare, sur ebay, 1re édition du Chien des Baskerville
Thierry Saint-Joanis
Rare, sur ebay, 1re édition du Chien des Baskerville
On ebay: 1st edition of HOUN
Mai 9, 2007

Vous avez jusqu'à vendredi 20 heures pour enchérir sur la première édition du Chien des Baskerville mise en vente sur ebay à un prix élevé, mais bien inférieur à sa valeur actuelle.

Cliquez sur la couverture pour accéder à la page ebay !

Notre ami Weiss (Dominic Marquet) signale cette première édition mise en vente 735 euros, mais gageons que le prix de vente final sera plus élevé. Cependant, on peut espérer qu'il n'atteindra pas le montant habituel pour cet ouvrage, qui est de $4.000, soit £2.000 ou 3 000 euros.

A very rare 1st edition of The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Published in 1902 by George Newnes Ltd, 359 pages, red cloth boards with gold lettering to the front and spine, the cover design was by Alfred Garth Jones, B/W illustrations throughout by Sidney Paget, all complete, a dedication to Robinson thanking him for his account of a west-country legend, which led to this story, printed after the title page. Overall in good condition for its age, there is very slight foxing to the outer edges and the endpapers show staining from the glue,  the other pages are mostly quite clean, with the occasional yellowish mark, as can be seen on the scan of the title page. There is a very, very slight lean to the right, hardly noticeable, but its good to mention these things. All tightly bound, not much wear to the boards. A very rare book, with a realistic starting price and NO RESERVE. These books usually sell for around £2000, and could fetch as much as £80,000 in perfect condition.


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