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Accueil » Toutes les news » Les Enquetes d'Enola Holmes sortent en français
Thierry Saint-Joanis
Les Enquetes d'Enola Holmes sortent en français
The Enola Holmes Mysteries in French
Février 21, 2007

Sortie de la traduction du premier tome des enquêtes de la petite soeur de Sherlock Holmes. Un ouvrage pour les enfants signé par l'auteur américain Nancy Springer.

Les Enquetes d'Enola Holmes T.1 ; La Double Disparition (en librairie le 22 février) de Nancy Springer chez Nathan (256 pages, 210 X 140) - Prix : 13,50 euros.

Nancy Springer a écrit plus de trente romans pour adultes et pour jeunes. Elle est professeur de littérature à l'université de York et de Pennsylvanie aux Etats-Unis.

Le premier tome de sa série holmésienne (pour enfants) introduit le personnage d'Enola Holmes, la soeur de Sherlock Holmes. L'action se passe en 1888 et commence le jour de ses 14 ans quand sa mère, Lady Eudoria Vernet Holmes disparait de la demeure familiale (Ferndell Park). La version originale souffre de quelques anachronismes et américanismes. Reste à vérifier ce qu'il en reste après traduction.

L'auteur vient de publier le deuxième volet des aventures d'Enola sous le titre : The Case of the Left-Handed Lady.

Nancy Springer, born 1948 in New Jersey, U.S., teaches creative writing at York College in Pennsylvania. She has written more than thirty SF and mystery novels, many with horses in them.

Nancy Springer lives in a fantasy world. She writes for a living.

The author of numerous successful fantasy and children's novels, the Dallastown, Pa., resident said she started her career because no one else was putting out the books she was looking for. "They're the books I always wanted to read, but nobody else was writing them, so I wrote them myself."

She finds inspiration in her daily contact with other people, she said. "I will start strange conversations just to see what people will say. Almost always, they'll come up with something that I never would have thought of."

Ideas are something you have to work at, she added. "There's no idea fairy. Ideas usually come just a little bit at a time ... a whiff in the air, something that zips past. You have to grab it. Sometimes, it's just a feeling, an emotion, a picture in your head."

Her own process of writing begins with an idea for setting, character and plot. Then, before she starts putting words down on paper, she does library research into her topic, visits locales to be mentioned in the book or interviews experts in the fields to be discussed. "Your whole life is research if you're a writer," she explained. "You're never bored."

Although her early fantasy novels were usually set in "medieval places as they never were," Springer later turned her attention to more realistic and contemporary settings. She has set many of her stories in Pennsylvania, which she called a "strange and interesting place. If you've ever lived anywhere else, you know Pennsylvania is different." Her novel Apocalypse, for instance, is a "hyper-realistic" dark fantasy set in a fictional, but familiar town. "I exaggerated everything that was wrong in an archetypical Pennsylvania town. Your typical fantasy novel sets out to save the world. Apocalypse sets out to destroy it -- and then sees if it's worth saving."

An avid rider, most of her youth-oriented books involve a girl in a horse. Books like Not on a White Horse, They're All Named Wildfire and The Hex Witch of Seldom are "fairly idealistic," she said.


The Case of the Missing Marquess (2006) by Nancy Springer
When Enola Holmes, the much younger sister of detective Sherlock Holmes, discovers her mother has disappeared--on her 14th birthday nonetheless--she knows she alone can find her. Disguising herself as a grieving widow, Enola sets out to the heart of London to uncover her mother's whereabouts--but not even the last name Holmes can prepare her for what awaits. Suddenly involved in the kidnapping of the young Marquess of Basilwether, Enola must escape murderous villains, free the spoiled Marquess, and perhaps hardest of all, elude her shrewd older brother--all while collecting clues to her mother's disappearance!

A remarkable debut of a new mystery series by two-time Edgar Awardwinning author Nancy Springer.

The Case of the Left-Handed Lady (2007) by Nancy Springer

Enola Holmes is hiding from the world's most famous detective--her own brother, Sherlock Holmes. But when she discovers a hidden cache of bold, brilliant charcoal drawings, she can't help but venture out to find who drew them: young Lady Cecily, who has disappeared from her bedroom without a trace. Braving midnight streets where murderers roam, Enola must unravel the clues--a leaning ladder, a shifty-eyed sales clerk, political pamphlets--but in order to save Lady Cecily from a powerful villain, Enola risks revealing more than she should . . .
In her follow-up to The Case of the Missing Marquess, which received four starred reviews, two-time Edgar Award winner Nancy Springer brings us back to the danger and intrigue of Victorian London as she continues the adventures of one of the wittiest and most exciting new heroines in today's literature.

Sa bibliographie :

The Enola Holmes Mysteries
The Case of the Missing Marquess (2006)
The Case of the Left-Handed Lady (2007)
The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets (2008)

Tales of Rowan Hood
Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest (2001)
Lionclaw (2002)
Outlaw Princess of Sherwood (2003)
Wild Boy (2004)
Rowan Hood Returns (2005)

Tales of Camelot
I Am Mordred (1998)
I am Morgan le Fay (2001)

The Books of Isle
The White Hart (1979)
The Silver Sun (1980)
The Sable Moon (1981)
The Black Beast (1982)
The Golden Swan (1983)


Blood Trail (2003)
Separate Sisters (2001)
Needy Creek (2001)
Plumage (2000)
Sky Rider (1999)
Fair Peril (1996)
Looking for Jamie Bridger (1995)
Toughing It (1994)
Metal Angel (1994)
Larque on the Wing (1994)
The Boy on a Black Horse (1994)
The Great Pony Hassle (1993)
The Friendship Song (1992)
Colt (1991)
Red Wizard (1990)
Apocalypse (1989)
They're All Named Wildfire (1989)
The Hex Witch of Seldom (1988)
Not on a White Horse (1988)
A Horse to Love (1987)
Chains of Gold (1986)
Wings of Flame (1985)


Music of Their Hooves (1994)
Stardark Songs (1993)

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