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Accueil » Toutes les news » La collection de R. Lancelyn Green cédé à la bibliothèque de Portsmouth
Alexis Barquin
La collection de R. Lancelyn Green cédé à la bibliothèque de Portsmouth Août 6, 2004

Suivant la volonté de Richard Lancelyn Green, son immense collection de plus de 20 000 objets a été cédé gracieusement au service bibliothécaire de Portsmouth. Ville hautement symbolique puisque Doyle y écrivit sa première histoire de Sherlock Holmes durant la période où il y pratiquait la médecine. Donc après Londres, Portsmouth sera un passage obligé pour les pélerins holmésiens.

Source: PA News
Received: 06/08/2004 07:44

By Ben Mitchell, PA News

One of the world's greatest collections of memorabilia of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - including a hint of how his famous detective Sherlock Holmes got his name - will today be granted a secure future after being bequeathed to a British library service.

Writer and collector Richard Lancelyn Green, who died in March this year, left - in his will - his entire collection of 20,000 items worth more than £2 million to Portsmouth's Library Service.
The Hampshire city was chosen because Conan Doyle not only had a medical practice there but also wrote his first two Sherlock Holmes books there.

The collection includes a full size recreation of the study at 221b Baker Street created by Lancelyn Green from descriptions in Sherlock Holmes stories.
It also includes a small medical book by a Doctor Sherlock which is believed to have been the inspiration for the name of Conan Doyle's detective.
Also included in the donation are a copy of the Beeton's Christmas Annual in which the first Sherlock Holmes story appeared, as well as first editions of every publication of Conan Doyle's work.

Lancelyn Green, who died in March this year, was a prominent figure in the Sherlock Holmes Society and spent more than 40 years collecting everything he could find that related to Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes. His will stipulated that the collection should be housed together and that he
wanted it offered first to Portsmouth's library service.
His friend, and editor of the Sherlock Holmes Journal, Nicholas Utechin said: "Richard was the foremost Arthur Conan Doyle scholar and a leading Sherlock Holmes specialist. His collection was acknowledged to be thefinest in private hands.
"It's wonderful that Portsmouth has agreed to be the custodian of these thousands of volumes and make them publicly available to researchers."

Lancelyn Green was born in 1953 and was educated at Dane Court Preparatory School, Woking, Bradfield College and University College, Oxford where he read English. His fascination with Conan Doyle and the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes began before his 10th birthday when he first began collecting material about the author and his principal character.
He complied a bibliography of Conan Doyle with fellow enthusiast John Gibson. The two further collaborated to write The Unknown Conan Doyle.
On his own, Green compiled The Uncollected Sherlock Holmes, The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Sherlock Holmes Letters and Letters To Sherlock Holmes.
He also regularly appeared on television and radio as a world authority on Conan Doyle and was a memorable lecturer until his death at his home in Kensington, London.

His brother, Scirard Lancelyn Green said: "It's truly fitting that Richard's life work should go to Portsmouth. Conan Doyle wrote the first two Sherlock Holmes stories there, so in some way his work is going home.
"Richard would have been very pleased that Portsmouth is the final resting place for his eclectic and amazing collection."

Sir Christopher Frayling, Chairman of the Arts Council, said: "Richard Lancelyn Green was being characteristically generous when he bequeathed his Conan Doyle collection to Portsmouth and thus to the nation."
The collection will be catalogued and received by Portsmouth City Museums and Records Service and will eventually be housed in the Central Library.

Portsmouth City Council's Head of Arts, Libraries, Museums and Records, Sarah Quail said: "I'm thrilled to be receiving this outstanding collection on behalf of the city council. It contains something for everyone. Scholars and researchers will find a wealth of original manuscripts and documents.
"There are items as diverse as film scripts, programmes, photographs, jigsaws, videos, posters, toby jugs and mugs. There's even the inn sign from the Sherlock Holmes pub."
Steven Rothman, editor of The Baker Street Journal, published by the New York-based Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts, The Baker Street Irregulars, said: "This exceptionally generous bequest immediately makes Portsmouth the major centre for Conan Doyle studies in the UK and one of the world's most important collections for Doylean and Sherlockian scholars."

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