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Accueil » Toutes les news » Photos de tournage : Martin Clunes en Conan Doyle
Thierry Saint-Joanis
Photos de tournage :
Martin Clunes en Conan Doyle
Novembre 14, 2014


Le comédien anglais Martin Clunes (le cousin de Jeremy Brett) tourne actuellement le téléfilm adapté du roman de Julian Barnes Arthur et George, où il interprète le rôle de Conan Doyle (lire notre news du 13 mai dernier ici). Les premières photos du tournage ont été publiées dans la presse anglaise.



Rappelons que ce roman reconstitue l'affaire Edalji qui permit à Conan Doyle d'innocenter, à la manière de Sherlock Holmes, George Edalji, un Anglo-indien condamné aux travaux forcés pour une mutilation de chevaux. Produit par ITV, cette adaptation en trois volets présentera, selon Peter Fincham d'ITV« un mystère extraordinaire avec des connotations raciales", ce qui en fait "une histoire très moderne"malgré son cadre édouardien. Le téléfilm, comme le roman, évoquera également la vie privée de l'écrivain à travers ses relations avec sa première épouse et son grand amour, sa future seconde épouse. Ce téléfilm entrera en production à l'automne prochain, et sera dirigé par Ed Whitmore. Le tournage a lieu à Londres et dans le Staffordshire. La diffusion sur ITV aura lieu en 2015.




Martin Clunes plays celebrated author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Arthur & George
Martin Clunes plays the celebrated novelist and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in a three-part adaptation of Julian Barnes’ novel, Arthur & George for ITV. Filming begins in September in London and Staffordshire on the drama, which is based on an intriguing series of true events in the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who famously created the detective Sherlock Holmes.
Conan Doyle recaptures his zest for life by pursuing and challenging a notorious miscarriage of justice. It is the case of George Edalji, a hard-working solicitor and the son of Hampshire vicar, Reverend Shapurji Edalji and his wife Charlotte. George has served seven years in Pentonville Prison for allegedly mutilating animals and sending threatening letters. The offences have become known as The Great Wyrley Rippings. 
Following the death of his wife, Louisa, Conan Doyle has become a “bore and a sulk” by his own admission. All around him do their best to bolster Arthur from his grief and mourning including his beloved ‘Mam’ who implores him to “sink his teeth into something.  If not a book then some new pursuit.”
Set in 1903 in Staffordshire, Hampshire and London with the backdrop of Conan Doyle’s family home, Undershaw, Sir Arthur joins forces with his trusted manservant, Alfred ‘Woodie’ Wood with whom he has a very strong bond. 
On learning of George’s plight and glimpsing the headlines concerning the Great Wyrley Rippings, Conan Doyle urges Woodie to arrange a meeting with George, who is released from prison after serving three years of his seven year sentence. Now at 27, George is desperate to clear his name so he can return to his career.
Arthur & George also features Conan Doyle’s relationship with Jean Leckie, a much younger woman, with whom he enjoyed a ‘platonic’ relationship whilst his wife was alive.  Jean eventually became his second wife.
Martin is joined by a prestigious cast including Arsher Ali (Four Lions, Complicit, The Guilty, Silent Witness) as George Edalji, Art Malik (The Jewel in the Crown, True Lies, Upstairs Downstairs, Holby City) as his father, the Reverend Shapurji Edalji, Emma Fielding (Silk, DCI Banks, Kidnap and Ransom) as his mother Charlotte Edalji, Charles Edwards (Downton Abbey, Trying Again, A Young Doctor’s Notebook) as Woodie Wood, Hattie Morahan (The Bletchley Circle, Outnumbered, Eternal Law, Sense and Sensibility) as Jean Leckie  and Sandra Voe (Breaking the Waves, Vera Drake, The Winter Guest, Holby City) as Mam.
Arthur & George is written by Ed Whitmore (Silent Witness, Waking The Dead, He Kills Coppers). The drama was commissioned by ITV’s Director of Drama, Steve November and Controller of Drama, Victoria Fea.
Steve says: “Arthur & George explores what we think we know about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s life.  It’s a fascinating insight into the man who was to become one of the most famous of his age. We’re delighted to be working with Martin and the production team at Buffalo Pictures on such a clever and complex adaptation of Julian Barnes’ acclaimed novel.”
The producers are Philippa Braithwaite and Trevor Hopkins, and the director is Stuart Orme.
A Buffalo Pictures production for ITV.


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