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Accueil » Toutes les news » Nicholas Rowe (Young SH) sera dans le film avec Ian McKellen
Thierry Saint-Joanis
Nicholas Rowe (Young SH) sera dans le film avec Ian McKellen
Nicholas Rowe To Cameo In Mr Holmes (Ian McKellen)
Août 22, 2014


En 1985, il a interprété Holmes adolescent dans le film Young Sherlock Holmes (Le Secret de la pyramide) de Barry Levinson. Nicholas Rowe (47 ans) va reprendre du service sous la deerstalker pour le prochain film Mr Holmes dont l'action se situe en 1947 alors que Holmes, campé par le comédien Ian McKellen, a 93 ans. Rowe fera une apparition, dans la peau de Holmes, lors d'un flashback dans la vie du détective. Espérons que ce retour sera profitable au projet de long métrage de notre ami Gautier Cazenave, Sherlock Holmes contre Frankenstein. en préparation depuis deux ans, dans lequel Rowe doit tenir le rôle du détective aux côtés de son Watson de 1985, Alan Cox.



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Nicholas Rowe To Cameo In Mr Holmes 
Young Sherlock will appear 'alongside' Ian McKellen's Old Sherlock
When die-hard Sherlockians - or Holmesians, depending on your taste - hear the name Nicholas Rowe, they're bound to think of the Scottish actor's turn as the young Sherlock Holmes in Young Sherlock Holmes, the 1985 movie directed by Barry Levinson and written by Christopher Columbus. Most thought his days as Holmes ended then when he was 19, but thanks to an ingenious cameo in next year's Mr Holmes, he will return as the great consulting detective at the age of 47... in a rather wonderful fashion.
The story of Mr Holmes, which director Bill Condon adapted with Jeffrey Hatcher from Mitch Cullin's novel A Slight Trick Of The Mind, takes place in 1947 when Holmes is 93, long retired to his Sussex beekeeping and frustrated by his diminishing power of recollection. Within this world, Holmes is as famous as you'd expect, and has had movies made of his life. It's in one of these films, as watched in Mr Holmes by Ian McKellen's character, that Nicholas Rowe will appear as Sherlock Holmes. Fictionally. Within a fiction. About a fictional character's life.
"I loved playing Sherlock as a young man," Rowe exclusively tells Empire. "The character has been played by so many different and distinctive actors over the decades and clearly his stock is still high and the genre rich. Bill Condon asked me if I'd play the part of Sherlock on screen (what we are calling 'Matinee Sherlock'*) and I absolutely loved the script and enjoyed talking to Bill about my small part within it and had no doubt that I wanted to be in the film. It's been great fun to do and I'm in very good company."


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