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Accueil » Articles » Test d'admission aux BSI : auriez-vous été admis en 1934 ?
Thierry Saint-Joanis
Test d'admission aux BSI : auriez-vous été admis en 1934 ? Janvier 1, 1999

Baker Street Irregular


1. A treatise on this, written at the age of twenty-one, had a European vogue and earned its author a professorship. (2 mots, 8 et 7 lettres)

8. It was of course to see these that Holmes enquired the way from Saxe-Coburg Square to the Strand. (2 mots, 10 et 5 lettres)

11. How the pips were set.

13. Not an Eley's N°2 (which is in excellent argument with a gentleman who can twist steel pokers into knots) but the weapon in the tragedy of Birlstone.

14. What was done on the opposite wall in bullet-pocks by the patriotic Holmes.

15. What Watson recognized when he put his hand on Bartholomew Sholto's leg.

18. Where Watson met young Stamford, who introduced him to Sherlock Holmes.

20. A kind of pet, over which Dr. Grimesby Roylott hurled the local blacksmith.

21. Holmes should have said this before being so sure of catching the murderers of John Openshaw.

22. The kind of Pedro whence came the tiger.

23. Though he knew the methods, Watson sometimes found it difficult to do this.

25. Patron saint of old Mr. Farquhar's affliction and perhaps of Abe Slaney's men.

27. Perhaps a measure of Holmes's chemicals.

28. In short, Watson.


30.Curious that he did nothing in the nighttime.

31.This would obviously not describe the empty house opposite 221b Baker Street.

34. It seems likely that Watson's elder brother suffered from this disease.

35. Though you might have taken this at Lodge 29, Chicago, nevertheless, you had to pass a test as well at Lodge 341, Vermissa.

37. The Star of Savannah.

40.... Inscrivez-vous gratuitement pour lire les articles en entier.


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